[Newsbusters] HBO’s ‘Ballers’ Slams ‘Right-wing F**ks’ Denying Black People ‘Equal Opportunity’

The August 6 episode of Ballers, “In the Teeth,” had a couple of great moments for the left-wing viewers as one athlete provided a cliché soundbite about the right trying to keep people of color from succeeding, and another character was called out by the feminist PC police for pointing out that a woman with the NFL who has never played professional football doesn’t know what it’s like to play professional football.

In this episode of the HBO show about athletes and agents, football player Kisan Teague (Kris D. Lofton) meets with his agent, Jason (Troy Garity), to find out what kind of money is on the table. Jason reminds Kisan that he is currently in trouble with his team for some of his previous behavior, but Kisan says that he made a deal – he would cut some of his friends from his life if Indianapolis Colts’ brass would stop donating to “right-wing fucks.”

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